Imonolith (Threat Signal, Ex-Strapping Young Lad, Etc.) Preview Demo Version Of “The Reign”

Imonolith (Threat Signal, ex-Strapping Young Lad, etc.) have shared a preview of the demo version of their new song “The Reign.” You can check that out below:

The band commented:

“Thank you for your patience over the last couple months. We know you’ve all wanted to hear some music for a while now, so here you have it. You guys deserve it for being awesome supporters of this band! This is a demo of one of our heavier songs called, ‘The Reign‘. We aren’t going to release any album quality material until our first album is in the can and ready for release.

We hope you dig this little clip of music. This is just a small glimpse of what’s to come and only one of many sides to Imonolith‘s musical diversity. Thanks SO much for your support. Spread the word, SHARE THIS POST and we look forward to releasing more music and getting our asses out there live as soon as possible!”


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