Tobias Forge On Ghost’s “Prequelle”: “This Is A Record About Survival, But Through Somewhat Troubled Times”

During an interview at Los Angeles’s Grammy Museum on May 1, Tobias Forge (aka Cardinal Copia/Papa Emeritus) offered even more insight into Ghost’s new album “Prequelle” (out June 1). According to him, the effort “is a record about survival, but through somewhat troubled times”

Forge said the following:

“Over these last couple years, or last year especially, you had a lot of Cold War situations between, obviously, your guy [referring to U.S. President Donald Trump] and his equal over in Russia. What happens without going too political is the populations of all these countries become the children when the parents are fighting. It obviously affects everything — it affects the stock market, it affects the general well-being — so there’s this sort of pre-apocalyptic aura in our thinking. I think in the midst all these threats — either in the deeds of potential terrorists, to actual nations sending bombs overseas — you feel like you’re being attacked, or potentially could become attacked by anyone. If it’s not a warfare situation, it’s someone hijacking your identity.

“I think that the end of the world has already happened many times. If you bumped into someone in Berlin in March 1945, he’d probably think that we’re done. It’s over. Same thing if you go to Aleppo, [Syria], you’d probably feel [that] that sort of Armageddon is happening right here. I think that especially if you think about the plague, the Black Death. When it hit Europe in the mid-1300s, it wiped out half of the population. That’s not every other person — it wiped out complete villages, and maybe that one peasant who was a bit too far off or a little bit too secluded, that was the only person that survived. Then you had other villages that miraculously lived, but that created a lot of shifts. After the plague faded out, it also led to a resurgence, and a lot of bloom, basically.

“[In] the scene that I spent my adolescence in — death and black metal — obviously the whole theme of black/death has been done to death, but usually it’s focusing on the idea of the half of the population that died, whereas I wanted to make a record that sort of shone the light on surviving through a turmoil like that. This is a record about survival, but through somewhat troubled times.”

This news comes after Forge previously said the album is also partially inspired by the deaths of Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, etc.

[via Blabbermouth]


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