Tommy Vext Says He Wrote A Bad Wolves Song About His Twin Brother Who Tried To Murder Him

Tommy Vext was recently interviewed by Kerrang!, and talked a bit about the lyrical content on Bad Wolves’ debut album “Disobey” (out May 11). One song in particular focuses on Vext’s twin brother, who shockingly tried to murder him.

Vext said the following when asked if the effort is personal:

“It is, there are some really personal things on there, but there’s also social and political commentary throughout. We talk about a lot of issues: from police brutality to the kind of subversive underlying veneer of racism that we’re seeing a resurgence of, from the opiate crisis and drug addiction to some more personal stuff.

There’s a song on the record about my twin brother who’s currently serving 17 years for attempted murder, who tried to kill me during a home invasion when he was high in 2010. We really opened ourselves up not just from a creative standpoint but also a subject matter standpoint, to talk about topics that are really important to us.”

Vext went on to say he had to testify against his brother and that “it was one of the more difficult moments of [his] life.” As far as recording a song about it, he added:

“…There were definitely tears in the studio. It kinda goes through a timeline and highlights two people who lived the exact same life and had the exact same hardships and advantages and disadvantages, and who we are ultimately as adults is defined by the choices that we made, and our lives reflect those choices.”

On another note, Vext also revealed that him and Tim Yeung both tried to get their Divine Heresy bandmate Dino Cazares to reunite around their 10th anniversary, but he said Cazares “was just not into it because he was doing his own thing.” He added that “there’s no hard feelings though.”

[via The PRP]


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