All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Says He “Applauds” Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes For Speaking Out On The Gun Control Movement

Earlier today, Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes made headlines after he shockingly said the youth led March For Our Lives gun control movement was “pathetic and disgusting” in a series of deleted social media posts. Now, All That Remains’ Phil Labonte, who is a gun advocate, has commented saying he “applaud(s)” Hughes for speaking out. Hughes is of course a mass shooting survivor himself, after living through a terrorist attack that left 89 people dead during Eagles Of Death Metal’s November 2015 concert in Paris.

Labonte previously shared these other posts about the movement as well:

Here’s a quick montage of some shooting classes I’ve taken. These were all with Ian at @runenationllc. We are planning to do some more stuff this spring so keep an eye out. When I say you need to get training I’m not just running my mouth. I’m always trying to better my handling of fire arms. And as an aside, I know some people are worried about responsible people owning firearms. When it comes to safety and qualification I have a solid amount of knowledge and my fair share of experience. Here’s a partial list; I have taken shooting classes, put in hours in the classroom learning about firearms law, spent two weeks at the rifle range in USMC boot camp, taken apart and put back together most of the firearms I own, I have 4 copies of my finger prints and photo on file with the ATF due to my 4 separate NFA items, I have no misdemeanor or felony arrests on my record, I have family members and friends who have and have had, up to and including, top secret clearance with the federal government. (I mention that because I always assumed they look into you if you’re around ppl w that kind of clearance, maybe they don’t, I dunno) So I am the very guy who would be called a “responsible” gun owner. It’s getting warmer guys, time to hit the range and brush up your skills. Be safe and get some training!

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This news comes after Labonte posted a YouTube clip to show people the types of firearms he thinks they “need”, including: AR-15s, shotguns, etc.:


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