Liv Sin (Sister Sin) Premieres “The Fall” Video

Liv “Sin” Jagrell (Sister Sin) has premiered a new video for her track “The Fall.” The clip was filmed in Stockholm and at the 2017 Skogsröjet festival in Rejmyre, Sweden. The song appears on her album “Follow Me”

Jagrell commented:

“For this video, we wanted to capture the energy of our live shows. It is one of our more faster and aggressive songs, so it made sense in that purpose to represent our concerts.

Liv Sin is a heavy metal band and we want our shows to reflect that just as much as our music does. It should be an intense experience full of headbanging, pumping fists in the sky and screaming along in the lyrics. We hope that this video of the ‘The Fall’ will give you a taste of what that is like at a Liv Sin concert.”


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