Phil Campbell (Motörhead) Puts Book Plans On Hold

In a recent interview with, Phil Campbell (Motörhead) revealed that he was working on a book, but decided to scrap his plans for the time being. Despite this, he said that he does plan to finish it “when it feels right.”

Campbell said the following:

“I started my book six months ago but I cancelled it because of the [Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons] album and there was just way to much stuff going on in my personal and work life. I was working with two Swedish guys who incidentally have just finished Samantha Fox’s book. To be honest, I panicked at the last moment, and just pulled the plug on the project. The guys were so cool, but it just didn’t feel right at the time.”

He also said the following about its concept:

“The concept was not an autobiographical type book but more a collection of wild stories of bizarre things that have happened on the road. I was thinking to myself during the writing process, “where the fuck are they gonna file this book, under fact or fiction” because some of the stuff that’s happened to me has been fucking crazy man. Totally fucking crazy!”

He then added the following when asked if he would finish it at some point:

“Yeah, that’s the plan. When I finish my solo album, I’m going to go back to finishing the book which will hopefully be sometime next year or perhaps 2019. It’s got to feel right for me you know? I’m not abandoning the idea of releasing a book, it’s just gonna take some time for me to get around to doing it when it feels right.”

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