Hail Sagan Premiere “Doors Will Open” Video

Hail Sagan have premiered a new video for their single “Doors Will Open,” via puregrainaudio.com. The song is available via CD Baby and Amazon, and it will also be featured in the new video game “Wreckfest,” which will be released next year.

The band commented:

“The song is a heavier track compared to most of what we have released in the past; we feel it celebrates our roots as people who enjoy listening to a harder genre of music, while displaying our ability to be diverse musicians. After being involved in co-production of our last few videos, we were very interested in giving it a try ourselves, and seeing if we were able to apply what we had learned to the new music video for ‘Doors Will Open.’ Both of us are artists so we wanted to approach the visuals from a creative surreal perspective. We had a lot of fun designing the various sequences of the storyline, and we learned a lot about filming through trial and error. Overall, it was a great experience and we look forward to expanding our abilities in film and incorporating it with the music we release in the future.”

In other news, Hail Sagan are also planning to hit the road with Rivals and The Scars Heal in Time next year.

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