Eluveitie To Release New Single “Rebirth” This Month

Eluveitie will be releasing a new single titled “Rebirth” on October 27. The song will appear on the band’s new album, which is expected to be released next year. They posted the following:

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We're more than excited to announce that we've started working on our next (metal) album AND that we're going to release a brand new single very soon! After a longer period of playing many acoustic sessions, peaking in creating our much-anticipated second acoustic album »Evocation II – Pantheon«, we're of course more than ready to finally go about our next metal juggernaut! We've been gathering ideas since quite a while and yes, we started working on our next metal album! It will still take a while until we'll enter the studios again, since we first want to and will accomplish an epic 'EVOCATION II' touring cycle. But to soothe your (and our 😉) waiting time, we recently gathered again in Tommy Vetterli's legendary New Sound Studio to produce a first single off our upcoming metal album already – so welcome our youngest baby: 'REBIRTH'! We believe, it turned out a real monster of in-your-face folk metal and we're super proud of it. And we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do! As always it is full of pristine celtic folk music and contains treasures such as the old Irish traditional 'Lads of Laois'. But at the same time, 'Rebirth' comes with a steamrolling truckload of pure fucking metal! Conceptually the song takes a rather philosophical approach on ancient Celtic spirituality and mythology (and so will our upcoming album)! We take ancient mythological images to contemplate them from the view point of our every-day life (no matter if „we“ lived 2000 years ago or today! Because we believe that the deep meaning and significance of these images didn't change ever since)! 'Rebirth' deals with the ancient Celtic image of the „cauldron of rebirth“, with it's meaning and with the darkest passages of our lives, through which we all have to go to arise reborn. 'Rebirth' will be digitally released by @nuclearblasteurope on October 27! The single will previously be exclusively be released in the issue of german Metal Hammer (note: Only Switzerland, Germany & Austria). We'll come back with more news and details very soon! Stay tuned! 🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻🔥🤘🏻 ~ #eluveitie #rebirth

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