Scorpions Record Two New Songs For Best-Of-Ballads Compilation

Klaus Meine recently confirmed that Scorpions will be releasing a new best-of-ballads compilation, during a SiriusXM Town Hall interview with Eddie Trunk. With this news, he also revealed that the release will feature two new tracks.

Meine said the following:

“There’s a best-of-ballads album coming out with Sony Music later this year, in the fall, and they wanted us to come up with a couple of bonus tracks, and we went in the studio and everybody came up with great ideas. And before we came here [to do this interview], we just finished a recording session and listened to the first mixes and stuff, and it sounds pretty good. It’s gonna be a ‘best of ballads,’ but with those new tracks. And it’s gonna be a cool project.”

Meine also discussed how the compilation came about:

“Sony Music approached us and said, ‘C’mon, guys. You have so many powerful songs. And we wanna put it together in some kind of compilation you guys never did before.’ So that’s coming out, I guess, in November.”

Meine further added:

“In other parts of the world, SCORPIONS are very famous for the ballads, like ‘Still Loving You’ in France. And in Asia, they love the ballads, and in Russia, ‘Wind Of Change’ and all those songs are very powerful — equally as powerful as ‘Rock You Like A Hurricane’ here. So we talked about [doing] this. In different parts of the world, people like different types of music. So we can offer [a compilation that includes all the best of the softer songs].”

[via Blabbermouth]


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