Fireball Ministry Reveal “Remember The Story” Cover Art & Track Listing

Fireball Ministry have revealed the cover art and track listing for their new album “Remember The Story.” That effort will be released on October 6.

“Remember The Story” Track Listing:

01. “End Of Our Truth”
02. “Everything You Wanted”
03. “Back On Earth”
04. “The Answer”
05. “Dying To Win”
06. “Stop Talking”
07. “Weaver’s Dawn”
08. “Remember The Story”
09. “All For Naught”
10. “I Don’t Believe A Word”

Emily J Burton said the following:

“‘Remember The Story’ is about moving forward while staying connected to your past. With this album we’ve reached a new stage of crystallization and prowess in our riffage.”

James A Rota added:

“This is a very personal record to me and was written from down deep. It’s also an honor to be playing alongside Emily [Burton] and John [Oreshnick] for the last twenty years. Having Scott [Reeder] with us along for the ride has made our greatest music to date, in my humble opinion.”

Caitlin Mattisso, who created the cover art, also commented:

“The vulture represents renewal and transformation and has connections to many mythologies and cultures, from being descended from Griffins in Greek mythology to the scientific (Latin) name of Turkey Vulture translating to Golden Purifier, which ties in to Jim’s theme about a second chance at life. Elements inspired by Hildgard of Bingen have been worked into the border shapes, as well as two blown-out candles on the front. The book on the front is a Fireball Ministry hymnal shooting light. On the back of the album the candles are lit again and the vulture is flying away towards a new moon, new beginning.”


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