Paradise Lost Premiere “Blood & Chaos” Music Video

Paradise Lost have premiered a new video for their new song “Blood & Chaos.” This track is from the band’s new album “Medusa,” which will be released on September 1. The track is also available as a limited edition 7″ in Europe, with a North American release planned for August 11. That 7″ also comes with “Symbolic Virtue,” which can be downloaded for free as well, when you sign up for the band’s mailing list.

Director Ash Pears said the following about “Blood & Chaos”:

“The track talks about elements of savagery and basic instinct. It felt right to set the video in a dark and dystopian post electrical-blackout world, where those who remain are essentially scavengers, and barely survivors. Things they once took for granted like batteries, matches and lighters are now the most sought after.

This confusing new world has quickly turned upside down what’s important to our character; and also makes him question what he would kill for. Our fantastic lead actor Nick Lester fully threw himself at this role – he really brought it to life alongside his collaborations with our other very talented actors Adele, Cris and Matt.

The band and their team have been very supportive. I’ve shot with them before on a performance for ‘Beneath Broken Earth‘, but this narrative-based video is an entirely different animal.

They are the kind of band who know what they like but equally give great freedom in how to bring the track to life. It was Nick and Greg who offered advice on the idea of savagery and basic instinct, so I took those ideas and developed them into a story.”


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