Ace Frehley To Release Expanded Deluxe Edition Of “Anomaly” In September

Ace Frehley (ex-KISS) will be releasing an expanded deluxe edition of his 2009 album “Anomaly” on September 8. The effort will come with updated cover art, a poster, liner notes from Ron Albanese, and the following bonus tracks: “Hard For Me” (demo which became “Foxy & Free”), an early take on “Pain In The Neck,” and “The Return Of Space Bear,” which was originally only available digitally.

“Anomaly Deluxe” Track Listing:

01. “Foxy & Free”
02. “Outer Space”
03. “Pain In The Neck”
04. “Fox On The Run”
05. “Genghis Khan”
06. “Too Many Faces”
07. “Change The World”
08. “Space Bear” (Extended)
09. “A Little Below The Angels”
10. “Sister”
11. “It’s A Great Life”
12. “Fractured Quantum”
13. “Hard For Me” (bonus track)
14. “Pain In The Neck” (Slower Version)
(bonus track)
15. “Return Of The Space Bear” (bonus track)


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