Powerflo (Ex-Fear Factory, Biohazard, Cypress Hill, Etc.) Premiere “Victim Of Circumstance” Video

Powerflo, the band featuring Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory, etc.), Sen Dog (Cypress Hill), Rogelio Lozano (Downset.), Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), and Fernando Schaefer (Worst), have premiered a new video for their new song “Victim Of Circumstance,“ via Loudwire. This song is from the band’s self-titled debut album which will be released on June 23.

Sen Dog commented:

“I wrote the song after watching a few episodes of one of my favorite TV shows, The First 48, which is a show about people getting caught up in street life and eventually getting twisted up by the Feds or local law enforcement. This show depicts how f–ked up most of the kids in America’s inner cities got it … the loss of innocent life along with outright cold-blooded murderers who have chosen to kill at will. The result of their offenses affects not just their victim’s family but whole communities.”


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