Brad Wilk (Prophets Of Rage, Rage Against the Machine, Etc.) On U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Agreement: This “Should Be The Ultimate Wake Up Call”

Brad Wilk (Prophets Of Rage, Rage Against the Machine, Etc.) has commented on Donald Trump’s disastrous decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. You can see what he had to say in the below Instagram post:

Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord should be the ultimate wake up call for all of us. Especially us living in the United States. It shows a complete disregard for our children's future. No if's and's or but's about it. The evidence of climate change is as real as can be and we as a race can not ignore that we are responsible for its rapid advancement and can do things to slow down the ever growing enormous consequences. Trump is making a huge mistake. We need to get on board with creating new innovative ways of producing energy or suffer the consequences. It seems that Trump would wait until our costal cities are underwater before acknowledging we as a race have an adverse effect on the climate. Impeachment sounds better to me than extinction. #ourchildrenslivesmatter

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