Beartooth To Release Deluxe Version Of “Aggressive”

Beartooth have announced that they will be releasing a deluxe version of their album “Aggressive” on May 26. It will come with six bonus tracks and a live DVD featuring the band’s November 11, 2016 show at the Express Live! in Columbus, OH. Preorders can be found HERE.


“Aggressive” Deluxe Track Listing:

01. “Aggressive”
02. “Hated”
03. “Loser”
04. “Fair Weather Friend”
05. “Burnout”
06. “Sick Of Me”
07. “Censored”
08. “Always Dead”
09. “However You Want It Said”
10. “Find A Way”
11. “Rock Is Dead”
12. “King Of Anything”
13. “Hated (Acoustic)”
14. “Sick Of Me (Acoustic)”
15. “Aggressive (Live from BBC Maida Vale)”
16. “Rock Is Dead (Live from BBC Maida Vale)”
17. “Fair Weather Friend (Live in Columbus)”
18. “King Of Anything (Live in Columbus)”

Live DVD Setlist:

01. “Burnout”
02. “Aggressive”
03. “Beaten In Lips”
04. “Dead”
05. “Sick Of Me”
06. “Fair Weather Friend”
07. “Hated”
08. “The Lines”
09. “I Have A Problem”
10. “Always Dead”
11. “Rock Is Dead”
12. “In Between”
13. “King Of Anything”
14. “Body Bag”


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