Skrillex Co-Produced & Mixed New Incubus Album “8”

It was previously revealed that Sonny Moore aka Skrillex would be guesting on the new Incubus album “8” (out y). As it turns out, he actually played an even bigger role as co-producer and mixer.

Michael Einziger told Beats 1 Radio the following (transcribed by The PRP):

“It’s an interesting co-production situation where we were very close to being finished with our album. And we have a song called “Familiar Faces” that he ended up kind of making some significant changes to and it was really exciting to us.

And we kind of just in a very organic way thought hey maybe we should address a couple of other songs, that we thought maybe could use some changing in someway, we just had no idea. And we ended up going through the entire album. So he ended up co-producing most of the songs—or at least a bunch of the songs, and mixing all of the songs. And it came out sounding really exciting to us.

We were just going to spend a day in the studio together, kind of messing around and it turned into like two weeks just working every day. It was really fun, it was a really interesting… It just kind of energized everybody in the band and we’re really excited about the album, we can’t wait for people to hear it.

It doesn’t sound like… I think a lot of people’s first reaction to that might be that we’ve made some kind of dubstep, ‘Incubus dubstep album’ and it’s not like that at all. Skrillex is a really tasteful, very artful producer. He’s got great taste.”


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