Metallica Announce New MasterClass Series

Metallica have announced an official MasterClass series. Fans that participate will learn “what it takes to build and sustain success [in a band] as a creative team while navigating egos and criticism, and celebrating each individual’s strengths and talents.”

Metallica commented:

“Here’s something you never thought you would hear us say… we’re teachers! That’s right, we are incredibly honored to partner with MasterClass to be their first rock band instructors. MasterClass is the widely respected streaming platform where one can learn about a vast range of subjects from over 100 leaders in their respective fields including actors, chefs, writers, photographers, directors, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more.

We’ll be in the esteemed company of Martin Scorsese, Annie Leibovitz, Samuel L. Jackson, Gordon Ramsay, Natalie Portman, Stephen Curry, Judd Apatow, Alicia Keys, Spike Lee, Serena Williams, and James Cameron, just to drop a few names. We’re very excited that our class is available to all subscribers starting today.

Should you choose to tune in, you’ll see us do a deep dive into our process that, along with the occasional elements of chaos, has kept us together as a band for over 40 years. We share how we’ve learned to be effective communicators, manage criticism, and embrace different personalities in our bandmates.

We’ll also walk you through our collaborative processes for specific tunes and show our techniques for songwriting by taking a song from its conception as a riff to its finished arrangement, complete with lyrics, and solos, with deconstructions of “Enter Sandman,” “One,” and “Master of Puppets.” We’ll talk about our approach to putting together entire albums and performing live, and for the encore, you’ll get a six-song exclusive live performance we created just for MasterClass.

Hopefully, you can apply this to your own creative endeavors as we talk about the commitment you should make to yourself, to your craft, and ultimately, to each other. Our goal is that you’ll walk away inspired to create with people you gel with, admire, and respect.

Check it out! Now available exclusively on MasterClass, where subscribers get unlimited access to all 100+ instructors with an annual membership.”