Uada, Tombs, Etc. Set For 2018 Shadow Woods Festival

Shadow Woods was supposed to end last year, but it looks like the festival will be returning at a new location. The event will be held at Harper’s Ferry Adventure Center in Purcellville, VA on September 20-22, and it will feature music, camping, zip lining, white water rafting etc. Here’s the daily lineups:

September 20: Xasthur, On The Water, Goblin Hovel, Skulsyr , Jerome Deppe and Miss Elizabeth’s All-Girl Band Bound For The Ground, and Earendel.

September 21: Tombs, Rozamov, Heavy Temple, Barishi, Aether Realm, Destroyer of Light, Electropathic, Husbandry, God Root, Dysfigure, Windfaerer, Witch Hazel , Forest of Legend, Hepatagua, Flummox, Ferus Din, Haze Mage, and Malphas.

September 22: Uada, Cloak, Panzerfaust, Voarm, Imperial Triumphant, Athame, Enthauptung, A Sound of Thunder, Bound By The Grave, Destroying Angel, All Hell, Black Mass, Hexxus, Replicant, Tyrannis, Sluagh, and Sickdeer.