Ex-Flaw Guitarist Tommy Gibbons Joins Worldwide Panic

Worldwide Panic have officially welcomed Tommy Gibbons to the band. This is the guitarist’s latest project since he was fired from Flaw in 2019 due to a plagiarism scandal.

Gibbons said the following:

“It feels good to finally work with someone at my level of skill and professionalism. As well it feels great to work with someone who pushes me to be better. I look forward to future recordings as well as tours!!”

Worldwide Panic vocalist Lane Steele added:

“It has been a longtime coming. I think we both knew for a while that this was the best option for our personal and professional lives to officially become a team. It took certain events happening as well as trials and tribulations to make this work make no mistake. However, it is now all worth it knowing that there is a bright future in store for this band. All members, not only us two are heavily invested into making this band thrive and succeed. I give my word to our listeners and fans that we will not disappoint. Thanks to everyone for their continued support.”