William Francis (William Control, Ex-Aiden) Accused Of Running A “Sex Cult”

William Francis, aka William Control (ex-Aiden), has been accused of running a sex cult. A lengthy report shared by The Daily Beast says various women have come forward claiming he started grooming them while they were in their early teens and would then have them engage in BDSM when they became 18. The article goes on to say Francis would also inflict physical and emotional abuse, extort money, etc. He would even go as far as having the victims sign contracts in blood and tattoo his initials near their genitals as a form of branding. The Federal Way Police Department in Federal Way, Washington were running an investigation based on the accusations, but they have now declined to prosecute him.

Francis himself issued the following statement on June 7:

“Dear reader,

I have seen the latest controversy floating around the internet regarding the same allegations from last year.

The truth is: I went into the police for questioning about these allegations earlier this year. After showing the detective my side of the story, including private communication, he recommended no charges be pressed, because it was clear the behavior was consensual.

I have, in the past, engaged in heavy role play and bondage relationships WITH consent. However, I do not engage in that sort of play anymore. And for anyone who feels as though I have hurt them or violated their consent, I am sorry. It won’t ever happen again.

There are lots of things that have been said that are outright lies. I have never been with underage girls. I have never been involved in a “sex cult.”

I work all-day every-day in the print shop or in the recording studio making stuff for the fans. I spend my evenings with my wife and son hanging out playing Nintendo or watching cartoons. I haven’t been on the road in almost a year. My life just isn’t that interesting. I’m sorry, I wish it were.

Please stop harassing and sending death threats to my wife my son. That is way out of line.


He then followed up with another post the next day:

“Dear reader,

I’ve decided that in order to move forward with my life I am shutting everything down completely. There will be no pre order for the new record. I don’t want the artists on the label to be affected by my own personal shit.

I’m sorry to everyone but it’s best that I focus on my family and not have any more communication with the outside world.

Take care everyone. You really have made my live amazing.


You can read more about the allegations including statements from the victims at The Daily Beast. This news comes as Francis was getting ready to release a new album called “Revelations” on Friday (June 22).