Weak13 Premiere “Closure” Video

Weak13 have premiered a new video for “Closure” off their album “They Live.” The clip is dedicated to two of the band’s fans who sadly passed away this year. Bassist Wesley Smith commented:

“We put a small dedication to them at the end of the music video; we were sad to hear the news of their passing and we felt that paying respect to them for all their love and support was the correct thing for us to do as a band”.

Weak13 Premiere “Loyal Coward” Video

Weak13 premiered a new video for “Loyal Coward” off their album “They Live.” You can watch that below:

Nick J Townsend commented on the song:

“We’re musicians; not louts. There’s always been those boring critics who label us as a rah rah band because they aren’t smart enough to adequately address the music.”

“It’s a tune that lyrically means a lot to me; I don’t really care what it means to you; no offence intended. There are no subliminal messages in this song either; you have my word as a professional liar.”

Wesley Smith added:

“Yeah, I guess with Loyal Coward we’re showing folks who screw with us that we’re songwriters.”

“It’s a pop song with an unpopular theme which is depression and addiction; obviously it’s different because we’re using a variety of acoustic instruments; Nick wrote most of it in about two days during a very low point. He was a total mess a few years ago after a relationship breakup so I told him to just write”.

The clip is set in the Viking Age and features special guest appearances from the Svartland Living History and Birmingham DJ Pandora Rox. Townsend said the following about that:

“It was originally going to be set in the present but I shelved the idea as it seemed too dull so recreating a historical period seemed more interesting. The really smart thing for me to say is that the Vikings in the story represent alcohol and how it can screw up everything in your life or everyone around you but I just made that up a minute ago to sound like I know what I’m talking about; I think that’s definitely the reason I’ll give from now on though.”