Listen To Vile Creature’s Cover Of Kittie’s “Paperdoll”

Vile Creature are streaming their cover of Kittie‘s “Paperdoll.” The track was recorded for The Flenser‘s nu-metal tribute album “Send The Pain Below,” which was recently released as part of a vinyl subscription series. Vile Creature said the following about the cover:

“Kittie is a band that showed a young, weird, queer kid in South Florida that you very much do not need to be a macho bro to play aggressive music. They bucked every gender norm & as teenagers stepped into the spotlight of a world where metal was in the popular discourse again with poise and tenacity. We could all learn valuable lessons from how they aged as musicians and people. We covered this song for a multitude of reasons, but mostly it was fun to turn the sonically softest song from the heaviest band into our style. Long live Kittie, thanks for listening!”