The Glorious Gone Added To GWAR’s GWAR-B-Q

GWAR have announced that The Glorious Gone have been added to their annual GWAR-B-Q, as a replacement for Revocation, who recently announced that they would be missing multiple upcoming shows.

GWAR said the following about the addition:

“A member of Revocation suffered an injury, forcing them to withdraw from the GWAR B-Q. The worst part is we weren’t even the ones that hurt him! Taking their place is The Glorious Gone, featuring Revocation’s Brett Bamberger and Dave Witte of Municipal Waste. They describe themselves thusly: “The pillars of past heroes and villains while on a course to obliterate what has come before. Part Hulk, part Kong, the brontide beast is coming.” A bit melodramatic if you ask bloodthirsty space barbarians like us, but they should be great. Come early so you don’t miss ’em!”