Sunndrug (Ex-Norma Jean, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Bleed Your High”

Sunndrug (ex-Norma Jean/Spitfire, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Bleed Your High.“ This track and another song called “Collider” will be released as part of Mind Over Matter Records‘ monthly 7″ vinyl series. You can pre-order that release HERE. Jimmy Reeves said the following about “Bleed Your High”:

“The song is a commentary on how we pacify ourselves with other people’s highs online instead of finding the courage to change ourselves. The line ‘I’m so fertile, I could bleed your high’ is satirizing a person who’s consumed so much social media, they’re convinced they are vicariously experiencing wealth, vacations, a clean house, friends, whatever the aspiration might be that’s getting dangled in front of you.”

[via Alternative Press]