Skyler Acord (Issues) Premieres New Song “Knew It All Along”

Skyler Acord (Issues, Twenty One Pilots [touring member]) has premiered a new song titled “Knew It All Along.” You can check that out below. Acord commented:

“This has been a long, long time coming. I mentioned before that stepping out from behind one band or another to do my own music under MY OWN NAME is a huge step for me and is TERRIFYING but I’m glad it took me so long because baby I am metamorphisized. That’s a word, look it up… Letting y’all in after sitting on this song for literal years is my gift to myself. your gift to me can be presaving it on spotify lol. either way I can’t wait to show y’all and I hope you like it cuz I sure do!!! #gothnb”