Scorched Fire Drummer Matt Izzi

Scorched have parted ways with Matt Izzi. The drummer, who also performs in Homewrecker, was fired after allegations against him surfaced on an Instagram account that was launched to share all the sexual misconduct allegations against his bandmate Matt Barnum, who was recently kicked out of Homewrecker.

Scorched issued the following statement:

“Official statement regarding Matt Izzi:

Until early this morning, not one member of this band has ever even had the slightest idea of the predatory acts of drummer Matt Izzi. We have a zero tolerance stance towards this type of behavior. Immediately effective, Matt Izzi is no longer a part of Scorched.”

One of Izzi’s other bands, Crypt Rot, also issued a statement saying that the drummer will not return if they become active again:

“Even though we have not been active, we want to come out and say we will not and never have condoned the actions of members of homewrecker. If we ever continue, Matt Izzi will no longer be affiliated. We feel for all the victims of these actions.

Joe DeDomenic, Ryan Sposito, Allie Dioneff“

[via The PRP]