Wednesday 13 Says “There’s No Reason Why” Murderdolls Can’t Reunite For Sporadic Shows Here And There

Wednesday 13 was once again asked about a Murderdolls reunion during an interview with Grizzly Media. This time he responded by saying “there’s no reason why” the group can’t reunite for sporadic shows here and there.

Wednesday 13 said the following:

“Joey [Jordison] and I have reconnected. Earlier this year, we had a couple of days off, and somehow it worked out that we had a day off in his town. And we went by and we caught up and we talked and we mentioned the idea of doing MURDERDOLLS, would we wanna do it again? We both said yeah — it was fun; we had a blast doing it. But we didn’t set a timeframe, and we didn’t really say it would be an album or reuniting…”

He also added:

“My idea was, let’s do a couple of shows here and there, see what happens. And if we have a good time doing those shows and there are still fans there — I know there are — and there’s fans there that [want to see it], then there’s no reason… He’s doing his project, and I’m gonna continue doing WEDNESDAY 13, but there’s no reason why MURDERDOLLS couldn’t be a band that does a show from time… one show a year in one big city, or one in Europe and two in the States. There’s possibilities — its just logistics of my schedule, his schedule and doing it. And what lineup we would do? In my mind, do ’em both — do the original lineup, play that record [2002’s ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls’] in one special show and then play [2010’s] ‘Women And Children Last’ with that lineup and do that show. Because it was two different eras that I’m really proud of, and I think all the members stood out and had their own identity, and I think it would be cool to do it that way. That’s my personal opinion.”

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Murderdolls Members Reunite To Pay Tribute To Late Drummer Ben Graves At Hollywood, CA Event

Murderdolls members Wednesday 13, Eric Griffin, and Acey Slade reunited for a special show to pay tribute to late drummer Ben Graves. The event took place at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, CA yesterday (August 16) and footage of the group performing “People Hate Me” can be seen below:

Murderdolls Members To Celebrate The Life Of Ben Graves At Hollywood, CA Event

Murderdolls members Wednesday 13, Eric Griffin, and Acey Slade will be reuniting to pay tribute to late drummer Ben Graves at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, CA on August 16. Wednesday 13 commented:

“This Thursday August 16th, at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood. We will be Celebrating the life of Ben The Ghoul Graves. I will be joining Murderdolls members Eric Griffin and Acey Slade on stage for the first time in over a decade to perform some classic MD songs. This will be a night to remember, open to the public. This will SELL OUT!”

Joey Jordison On The Possibility Of A Murderdolls Reunion: “Never Say Never”

Considering him and Wednesday 13 hung out recently, Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, etc.) was asked about the possibility of a Murderdolls reunion during an appearance on the Talk Toomey podcast. He responded with the following:

“It’s cool that I’ve been talking to Wednesday recently, but I can’t disclose anything [about a possible reunion]. Never say never, man — I mean, that’s life. It’s kind of funny, ’cause we have a bunch of songs that have been written and a bunch that are ready to go. Timing is everything, man — not necessarily anything about, ‘Oh, we need to do this to impress people,’ or, ‘We need to put out this record or do something like that.’ Timing in life is everything, so we’ll see. Only time will tell.”


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Murderdolls Bandmates Wednesday 13 & Joey Jordison Hang Out For First Time In Seven Years

Murderdolls bandmates Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, etc.) recently hung out for the first time in seven years. You can see posts from both of them below. This news comes after Wednesday 13 previously said he hadn’t talked to Jordison in a year.

Wednesday 13 Says He Was In Touch With Joey Jordison About A Murderdolls Reunion Last Year But “That’s The Last [He] Really Kind Of Heard Of It”

Wednesday 13 was once again asked about a Murderdolls reunion during an interview with Metal Wani. He responded with the following:

“I really just haven’t spoken with Joey really at all this year. We had gotten in touch about a year ago and just established contact again and mentioned the idea of doing something in the future — not [putting] a time on it or anything; just the idea of, ‘Would you be into it?’ And we both said, ‘Yes.’ And then I got busy doing my stuff, he was touring and putting a record out, and that’s the last I really kind of heard of it. So that’s kind of where it is. So I can’t say that it will happen, or it won’t, but there’s definitely not any plans or anything that’s changed since the last thing I must have said [in an interview].”

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Ex-Dope/Murderdolls, Etc. Drummer Ben Graves Dead At 46

Ex-Dope/Murderdolls/Pretty Boy Floyd drummer Ben Graves has sadly passed away today (May 9) at the age of 46. His death follows an 11 month cancer battle. R.I.P.

His fiancée Lydia issued the following statement:

“A message from Ben’s fiancé, Lydia.

This is incredibly hard for me to write this, but I know it is necessary because Ben has so many friends and fans.

Most of you don’t know that Ben has been battling cancer for the last 11 months. It was his decision to keep his health very quiet.

Ben passed away today, May 9th 2018, from complications due to his cancer. His diagnosis was grim but he fought a long and hard battle to try and beat it and overcome the odds. Some battles can’t be won no matter how hard you try.

Please respect me, his family and close friends while we grieve. Even though we knew it was eventually coming, the complication was sudden and very unexpected.

It’s devastating to lose someone you love more than yourself. My heart is broken, my heart died with him.

We will be taking him home to Massachusetts. I will organize a memorial for Ben’s LA friends, details to follow…