Ex-Dope/Murderdolls, Etc. Drummer Ben Graves Dead At 46

Ex-Dope/Murderdolls/Pretty Boy Floyd drummer Ben Graves has sadly passed away today (May 9) at the age of 46. His death follows an 11 month cancer battle. R.I.P.

His fiancée Lydia issued the following statement:

“A message from Ben’s fiancé, Lydia.

This is incredibly hard for me to write this, but I know it is necessary because Ben has so many friends and fans.

Most of you don’t know that Ben has been battling cancer for the last 11 months. It was his decision to keep his health very quiet.

Ben passed away today, May 9th 2018, from complications due to his cancer. His diagnosis was grim but he fought a long and hard battle to try and beat it and overcome the odds. Some battles can’t be won no matter how hard you try.

Please respect me, his family and close friends while we grieve. Even though we knew it was eventually coming, the complication was sudden and very unexpected.

It’s devastating to lose someone you love more than yourself. My heart is broken, my heart died with him.

We will be taking him home to Massachusetts. I will organize a memorial for Ben’s LA friends, details to follow…



Wednesday 13 On Possible Murderdolls Reunion: “I Don’t Know Why We Can’t Do It”

Wednesday 13 was once again asked about a Murderdolls reunion during an interview with buzzsprout.com. He responded by saying him and Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, etc.) might be able to do something “in a couple of years” once they “get some spare time off.”


Blabbermouth shared the following excerpt of the interview:

“It’s cool to know that that band’s liked and still loved after all the years and it wasn’t just a side project like everyone thought it was gonna be in the beginning. It’s got a lot of fans, and over the years, man… I tour nine months out of the year, and I’m lucky, I get to go around the world and see people, and I see the MURDERDOLLS fans — I see tattoos, I see the shirts. It’s still alive. So anytime that come up, and especially now that Joey’s no longer in SLIPKNOT, everyone’s, like, ‘Well, why can’t you guys do it?’ And I ask the same thing: I don’t know why we can’t do it. So I’m hoping, in the future, once Joey and I get some spare time off from doing our new projects, with this [new WEDNESDAY 13] record [‘Condolences’] and what he’s got going on as well — I know he’s busy — in a couple of years, if we can sit down and maybe do a MURDERDOLLS tour. It’d be cool to do that, and then if it does well, if we wanna do a record, we can talk from that point. There’s no point, in my mind, why we can’t do something on the side. And it would be like a side thing, because I’m focused on doing WEDNESDAY 13. I wouldn’t wanna put that on the side for MURDERDOLLS. MURDERDOLLS could just be like a thing. Like when I saw the MISFITS do that reunion thing, I was, like, ‘Wow! This is so cool. They should have done this a long time ago.’ And it doesn’t mean [Glenn] Danzig can’t still do DANZIG. That’s his priority, and he’s making it his priority, and he does the MISFITS probably whenever he feels like it. That’s how I would like MURDERDOLLS to be. I’m not comparing us to the MISFITS, but [I would like to see us] in that type of touring-type schedule. It would be cool to do that.”

Wednesday 13 went on to say that he is pleased to see Jordison back on the music scene after stepping away from the spotlight for a couple of years after his split with SLIPKNOT. “Joey’s always kind of been a recluse, so when he stayed out of the light there for a while, [after] the SLIPKNOT stuff [happened], which I understand that as well,” the singer said. “Yeah, it’s great to see him back out playing music and kicking ass on the drums. He’s still one of the fucking best drummers in the world, and I had a great time playing with him. He and I, when we get together and write music, it’s so much fun — it really is. We have a really, really good time doing that. So, yeah, I wish him the best and I hope that we can work out doing MURDERDOLLS sometime in the future. It would be fun to do that.”

Wednesday 13 On Hypothetical Murderdolls Reunion: “If It Does Happen, Then It Will Probably Be In 2019”

Wednesday 13 was once again asked about a Murderdolls reunion during an interview with Metal Hammer. He said that he still hasn’t talked to Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, etc.), but if they were to reunite it wouldn’t be until 2019.


Here’s what Wednesday 13 had to say:

“Murderdolls at the moment is the same as it’s been since 2011 — there hasn’t been any conversation between Joey and I. I just tell everybody, ‘From what I hear through the grapevine, Joey is possibly interested in doing Murderdolls again at some point”

“If it does happen, then it will probably be in 2019, because this year and next year with my record I’m going to be touring non-stop. I’ve got my year pretty much booked.”

“But I think the idea of us doing something in future and doing shows would be a great idea. I don’t see why we couldn’t. In my mind, if we did anything first, it would be a couple of shows or some festivals. Just to get out, do some shows, and play those songs first before we even think about a record is where my mind is.”

“The band’s been around 15 years this year — it’s kind of classic at this point. I would love to have Murderdolls be something I do on the side here and there, and Joey has his own projects that keep him happy, but why not do it on the side?”

“If there’s downtime between us in our schedules and we can work it out, I’m sure it’s going to happen. It took eight years for the last one, so 2019 will be another eight years. I’d say 2019 we’d talk about doing some shows.”

Wednesday 13 Says There Are No Plans For A Murderdolls Reunion

Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, etc.) recently told CrypticRock.com, he wouldn’t rule out making another Murderdolls album. Despite this, Wednesday 13 has since responded by saying that the two “have not spoken” and that they don’t have any plans to work together “at the moment.”


Here’s Wednesday 13’s statement:

“I’m happy to see Joey has said something positive about Murderdolls and that is something to look forward to in the future. But the future is when that would happen, if it even does happen. We have not spoken, nor do we have any plans at the moment.

What is annoying are these web sites that take one question from an interview and make it into a big story that is misleading to fans. I have a brand new album coming out this spring and full year of touring ahead. There is no way this would or could happen in 2017.”

Joey Jordison On The Possibility Of Making A New Murderdolls Album: “I Won’t Rule It Out”

In a new interview with CrypticRock.com, Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, etc.) was asked about that status of his and Wednesday 13’s horror-punk project Murderdolls. He responded by saying that he wouldn’t rule out making another album with that band.


Here’s his full statement:

“I cannot say anything bad about that band and what we accomplished with the Murderdolls. Those tours we did are really awe-inspiring when you look in hindsight of what we accomplished in a short amount of time and the two records we did. I could not be more proud and happy of what we accomplished in that time. Everyone that was in that band, the couple of different personnels we employed, the Murderdolls were killer. Like I said before, I don’t know if I would do another record, but I won’t rule it out.”

He also added:

“When we did ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls’ [2002], I had already done four records with Slipknot, two that were on the label and released,” he said. “When we did the first Murderdolls record, I have this punk rock and pop side of me that I don’t really get to get out in other areas in my life. When we did that band, it was just pretty much to express fun, have a great time, and kind of throw a monkeywrench into what was going on in rock and metal at the time, and it worked. I would love to do another record. Like I said, I won’t rule it out.”

Wednesday 13 Says He Would “Entertain The Idea Of Doing” A Murderdolls Reunion

In a new interview with Broke Horror Fan, Wednesday 13 was asked about a possible Murderdolls reunion. During the chat, he said “if the fans wanted it and [Joey Jordison] was into doing it, [he] would definitely entertain the idea of doing it”


Here’s his full statement:

Murderdolls turns 15 years old next year, and it took on a life of its own. It’s in the fans’ hands at this point. To me, it’s rock and roll. I could put any drama or differences aside to go out and play music for our fans. That’s what it comes down to at the end of the day. You do this for such a long time – even with the Wednesday 13 stuff – it’s as much the fans as it is me these days, because I need them to live. That’s how it works. You don’t alienate that. I always feel that people want what they want. That was a cool time, because Murderdolls is why I’m here today. If that hadn’t happened, I don’t know. Joey [Jordison, Murderdolls co-founder] pulled me out of obscurity and gave me a career, and I’m forever indebted to him for that. No matter any behind the scenes, whatever’s going on with that – it’s nobody’s business, really – but I always say: at the end of the day, if the fans wanted it and he was into doing it, I would definitely entertain the idea of doing it .

Wednesday 13 Not Sure If Murderdolls Will Ever Return

In a new interview with Clint Switzer (Music Mania), Wednesday 13 was asked about a possible Murderdolls reunion, and he responded by saying he “[doesn’t] know if it will ever get revisited.”

Here’s what he had to say about a Murderdolls reunion:

“I would say right now, no, but I also said that about the second [album], that I didn’t think that it would ever happen. But, yeah, we had a good run with the first and the second album, and, unfortunately, it just didn’t quite work out that last time, touring-wise, and we just stepped away from it, and that’s kind of where it is. So I don’t know if it will ever get revisited.”

“I don’t have any ill will towards Joey or anything like that. We made a fucking awesome record — I love that record — and, you know, that’s the way it is. I feel like we went out on a high note. We came back out and did one more record for everybody to kind of seal the deal on it and kind of seal our fate at the same time.”

“I tell people [when they ask me], ‘What happened?’ I go, ‘Well, you see that ‘Nowhere’ video, where we just drive off a cliff? That’s kind of what we did, so to speak.’ So that was a good way for us to say, ‘All right, that’s where the Murderdolls went: off a cliff and…’ I don’t know. Did we die? I don’t know.”