Conception Stream Live Version Of “Cry”

Conception, the band featuring Roy Khan (ex-Kamelot), are streaming a live version of their song “Cry.” The track is from the new expanded edition of “State Of Deception,” which will be released in 2022. The band commented:

“Hey folks, it’s a big day here at Conception towers, as we make both our new single ‘Cry (live)’ available for your listening pleasure, and also announce a very exciting and brand new crowdfunding campaign. The centrepiece of the campaign will be an all new deluxe box set version of ‘State of Deception’, packed full of new and exclusive goodies and new tracks! As you might be able to tell, we’re just a little bit excited about it all! So check out the new single, and click on the ‘crowdfunding’ button on this link to learn more:

Conception Premiere “No Rewind” Video

Conception, the band featuring Roy Khan (ex-Kamelot), have premiered a new video for their song “No Rewind.” This track is from the band’s latest album “State Of Deception.” The group commented:

“We are super proud to release the brand new video for ‘No Rewind’ today! As you guys know, the song took its inspiration from the environmental issues currently facing the wider world right now, hence why we chose to shoot the video in the various regions where each band member lives. The stimulus for the song lyrics was actually Greta Thunberg’s climate plea to world leaders, and it was an issue we felt we had to add our voice to; even the woods that form the backdrop to Roy’s scenes are already in a state of pollution-derived terminal decline. By highlighting this magnificent natural beauty, we hope to empower others to help preserve it for all generations to come. Check it out..!”