, Fuming Mouth, Mindforce, Etc. Set For 2022 America’s Hardcore Fest

The lineup has been revealed for America’s Hardcore Fest. The event will take place at Middle East and Sonia in Cambridge, MA on December 1-3 and it will feature the following daily lineups:

December 1 (Sonia): COA, Buried Dreams, Risk, Move, C4, Vantage Point, Chaos Cross, AmmuNation, and Street Power.

December 2 (Middle East downstairs):, Fuming Mouth, Pain Of Truth, High Command, Division Of Mind, Downfall, Killing Pace, Final Gasp, and Adrienne.

December 3 (Sonia) (matinee show): Sunami, Restraining Order, Seed of Pain, Worn, Combust, Raw Brigade, Wise, and Pummel.

December 3 (Middle East downstairs): Fiddlehead, Mindforce, Magnitude, Mil-Spec, Life’s Question, Primitive Blast, Maniac, and Burning Lord.