Static Dress Share Music Video For New Version Of “Courtney, Just Relax” Featuring World Of Pleasure

Static Dress have shared a new video for a new version of “Courtney, just relax” featuring World Of Pleasure. This take on the track will appear on the new deluxe edition of “Rouge Carpet Disaster,” which is set to be released on September 15.

“Rouge Carpet Disaster Redux” Track Listing:

01. “fleahouse”
02. “sweet”
03. “Push rope”
04. “Attempt 8”
05. “Courtney, just relax”
06. “Di-sinTer” (feat. King Yosef)
07. “such.a.shame”
08. “…Maybe!!?”
09. “Lye solution”
10. “Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (Welcome In)”
11. “Marisol”
12. “cubicle dialogue”
13. “Courtney, just relax” (feat. World of Pleasure)
14. “Attempt 8” (feat. Sophie Meiers)
15. “Di-sinTer” (Glitter Redux)
16. “such.a.shame’ (Smoking lounge Redux)

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