Jacoby Shaddix On Papa Roach’s New Music: “It’s Heavy, It’s In Your Face, It’s Aggressive And It’s Pummeling”

During an interview with 97.7 QLZ, Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix confirmed that the band are currently working on new music. According to him, the new material is “heavy, it’s in your face, it’s aggressive and it’s pummeling.”

Shaddix said the following:

“I’m going actually into the studio end of the month for a couple of days and cutting tracks on two songs. We’re really excited about this new music and where we’re taking it. And fans are gonna be frickin’ stoked on the sound and the style. It’s heavy, it’s in your face, it’s aggressive and it’s pummeling. The riff on this one track is just, like, ‘Ah.’ It’s simple, but it just has that attack to it. That’s something that we love. Like in the shows, when we drop that riff and it just gets people in that vibe together. There’s something magical about that.”

He also added:

“Yeah, man, we’re stoked to go create new music. We’re running the record company now, and that’s been awesome. So for on this album, ‘Ego Trip’, to have three Numbers Ones out of the four singles we released, like, ‘What? Huh?’ But it’s another part of the deal. ‘Cause you’ve got music videos, you’ve got radio, you’ve got streaming, you’ve got album sales, you’ve got vinyl sales, and it’s, like, we’ve just learned so much about this process and really kind of locked in and engaged in to it, and it’s been something that’s been really inspiring to us. Not only the creative side but the promotion side of what we do.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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