Judge Strikes Down Multiple Claims In Marilyn Manson’s Defamation Suit Against Evan Rachel Wood

As previously reported, Marilyn Manson filed a defamation suit against Evan Rachel Wood after she accused him of abuse and inspired many other women to come forward with their own allegations. However, Rolling Stone are now reporting that Superior Court Judge Teresa A. Beaudet has since struck down various claims in the complaint.

The judge says Wood and her partner Illma Gore did not conspire to get women to make false allegations against the shock rocker. She also struck down claims that suggested that the couple were impersonating an FBI agent and more. Wood‘s attorney Michael Kump commented:

“As the Court correctly found, Plaintiff failed to show that his claims against her have even minimal merit.”

Manson‘s attorney Howard King has since responded as well, saying that they are planning to appeal. He also referenced a recent recantation from Ashley Morgan Smithline, who accused Wood of manipulating her:

“The failure to admit this critical evidence [Smithline‘s sworn declaration], along with the Court’s decision to not consider Ms. Gore’s iPad, the contents of which demonstrated how she and Ms. Wood crafted a forged FBI letter, will be the subject of an immediate appeal to the California Court of Appeal.”

Manson is currently facing allegations from multiple women, who came forward after Wood made her initial allegations against him. Among those who shared their stories were Smithline, who accused him of sexual assault before recanting her statements, Esmé Bianco, who recently settled a lawsuit in which she accused him of abuse and human trafficking, Bianca Allaine, who described him as the “most terrifying person [she has] ever met in [her] life,” his former assistant Ashley Walters, who filed a since dismissed lawsuit after accusing him of sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc., one unidentified woman, who filed a lawsuit after accusing him of rape, and another unidentified woman, who filed a lawsuit after claiming the frontman sexually assaulted her when she was only 16 years old.

For his part, Manson has continued to deny the allegations, while also lamenting the impact they have had on his career.

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