The Winery Dogs Premiere “Breakthrough” Music Video

The Winery Dogs have premiered a new video for their song “Breakthrough.” This track is from their latest album “III.”

Richie Kotzen commented:

“We wanted to release a third video for the album and honestly, it wasn’t easy to decide. We went with our song ‘Breakthrough’, because it’s already in the live set and is a song our fans have been talking about with us during our meet and greet sessions. Particularly the lyrics and the storyline, ‘Because we’re who we are, we’ll never be what we were,’ feels like it is resonating with folks. Rather than do a full-blown script video with actors, we went with a performance style video of the song. Our longtime friend and videographer, Vicente Cordero, came out to visit us on the road and we told him to ‘shoot it all. Get as much footage as you can and we shall put something together.’ Here it is…we hope you dig it.”

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