Tim Lambesis Confirms New As I Lay Dying Members Are Contributing To The Band’s New Album

It appears all five members of As I Lay Dying’s current lineup, frontman Tim Lambesis, guitarist Phil Sgrosso, drummer Nick Pierce (ex-Unearth), bassist/vocalist Ryan Neff (Miss May I), and guitarist Ken Susi (Unearth), are contributing to the band’s new album. Lambesis confirmed the news during a recent interview with Heavy New York:

“Nick Pierce just finished tracking drums for the As I Lay Dying record a couple of weeks ago… Unfortunately, in modern times, that doesn’t mean the record’s coming out very soon, but it’s in the works. We’re working with Ryan Neff. Ken Susi‘s doing some solos. Nick Pierce already tracked the drums. So to answer some of those questions about, ‘Are those guys contributing in any way?’, obviously they are. We just haven’t really had a final product to deliver yet.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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