Finger Eleven To Release Greatest Hits Compilation In June, Share New Song “Together Right”

Finger Eleven will be releasing a new “Greatest Hits” compilation on June 16 (vinyl out August 25). Among the tracks on the effort is a new song titled “Together Right,“ which you can stream below. Vocalist Scott Anderson said the following about that:

“‘Together Right‘ is about unity. It’s about the bonds between people and how far that bond can extend before it’s broken. The song has an optimistic-sounding chorus but it’s really a desperate plea from one party to another asking please stick around, let’s go down with this ship together.”

“Greatest Hits” Track Listing:

01. “Good Times”
02. “Paralyzer”
03. “Together Right”
04. “Living In A Dream”
05. “I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague”
06. “One Thing”
07. “Above”
08. “First Time”
09. “Falling On”
10. “Slow Chemical”
11. “Drag You Down”
12. “Welcome To The Machine” (Pink Floyd cover)

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