Chuck Billy Hoping To Release New Testament Album “Early Next Year”

During a recent interview with El Lado Oscuro TV, Testament frontman Chuck Billy offered an update on the band’s new album plans. According to him, the group are hoping to release a new record “early next year.”

Billy said the following:

“We’re working on a new record now. So it’s time to put that one behind us and make another one.”

He continued when asked if it will be released next year:

“I think so. We didn’t really book a lot of shows this year. We’re doing Latin America and then we’re doing Europe, and that’s it, and then Japan, a couple of shows. But we’re leaving a lot of the schedule open so we can get a lot of the music done. And hopefully by the end of the year we’ll get into the studio and start recording, so we’ll have a release hopefully early next year.”

He also added the following about his working relationship with guitarist Eric Peterson:

“Well, I mean, at this point he’s like my little brother. We argue and fight like brothers. [Laughs] But I think I’m very fortunate and lucky to have Eric as a writing partner for so many years because Eric really is the heart of TESTAMENT as far as song creation goes, because Eric doesn’t listen to a lot of other bands, like modern stuff; he listens to his black or some older-style stuff. So when he writes music, he really writes just what he wants, and I think that’s what always gave TESTAMENT our own sound, because Eric’s never strayed away from what he does. And he’s always took it a step further and created better songs. And it makes it easier for me, and I think after working for so many years, we have a good relationship as far as songwriters; he’ll write something and know what I can do and I’ll have a suggestion knowing what he can do and what works. So I think, at this point, our songwriting is a lot easier and better now.

The ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake’ [2016] was a difficult record. That took two years. So it all depends how Eric’s feeling or if he’s got ideas, which that record took, like two years. ‘Titans Of Creation’ worked a lot faster; he had much more ideas. So it’s really on how much inspired Eric is to create the new stuff, ’cause we all have to wait for that. So if Eric’s excited and inspired, then it comes quick.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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