Rivers Of Nihil Share Audiotree Live Session

Rivers Of Nihil have shared footage of their September 2022 session at Audiotree in Chicago, IL. You can check out that in-studio performance below. Notably, the set was recorded before the departure of vocalist Jake Dieffenbach.

The band commented:

“Excited to finally share this with you all. We recently teamed up with the crew at Audiotree for the latest installment of their ‘From Nothing’ series.

We’ve been big fans of the Audiotree catalog for many years now, so when Austin from Audiotree asked us if we’d be interested in being part of a new series they were doing we said ‘yes’ immediately.

Additionally, you will notice that Jake is performing with us. This shoot took place just a few days before our split with him as our vocalist, so rather than burying this project (since we are now no longer working together), we decided to release it as a finale to the chapter of the band that he spent with us.

The time when this was filmed was one of the most strenuous in our band, both from a personal standpoint and simply because we were playing SO many shows at that time nonstop. The morning that we filmed the Audiotree piece we had driven through the night from the previous gig to arrive in Chicago early enough to film with Audiotree in the morning AND still make it to our show later that day with The Contortionist.

This is the most accurate picture of our band working ourselves to the bone. A lot of what is said in the documentary still applies to where things are going, but this video definitely captures the essence of where the band was at, in late September of 2022.

Finally, we just wrapped up a recording session that birthed a ton a new music that you will be hearing much sooner than you think, featuring our previous bassist/backup vocalist Adam Biggs as the new lead vocalist (and bassist) as well as Andy Thomas’ first appearance on record with us as a member of Rivers of Nihil. We will be continuing as a four piece and we simply cannot wait to show you what this sounds like.”

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