Chad Gray Comments On Demoing New Mudvayne Material

Mudvayne’s Chad Gray has taken to social media to comment on the demo process for the band’s first new music in 14 years. The frontman says he is “not exactly sure when it will release,” but he did confirm that “it’s coming!.”

Gray said the following about Mudvayne’s new music and his new HELLYEAH tattoo:

“It’s been a wild few days. From home to DFW to demo up some new Mudvayne! This will be the first music we have released in 14 years! Still not exactly sure when it will release but yeah…it’s coming! Pretty insane when you look at that number. Then on to Florida to get tattooed by my over 2 decade long time friend @tonykellytattoos!!! Him and I have collaborated on some killer tattoos and some @killermerch in our time…(like how I did that Mark??)

From the beginning of Mudvayne to the most recent tour. It seems like our tattoo schedule is 2 days in a row, which is a pretty brutal but to me it is absolutely worth all the pain. I’m so happy to get the @hellyeahofficial UNDEN!ABLE eye on my body. This eye represents the eye of a Metal Head, The eye of Madnesss or the eye of a Mad Man. And at the end of the day that’s what I’ve always been. I have always been a social pariah an outcast by everyone and everything.

And I like it! I’ve been walking behind 2 high flown middle fingers my whole life. It’s just who and what I am. And I know for a fact that who and what I am, is who and what all of you are! This is our fucking club! And if ya don’t like it…GET THE FUCK OUT! We don’t need you!!! And because…FUCK YOU that’s why!

No excuses! Now I have both of my bands covered with concepts that I’ve had for years. The twin “duality of man” skulls on my chest and now this. So rad. Both are so important to me and It makes it that much more special to have it put on me by a long time friend. Tony is an absolute BEAST! Check out his page and go get some work done by him if you can!

You won’t regret it! Now it looks like this is going into a color piece eventually…YAY! FML! I hope you’re all fucking awesome and I can’t wait to see you this summer! Get your tickets and get your ass’s there for some “Get your mind right Heavy Metal medicine!” At the Psychotherapy Sessions!

See ya soon killers-
The Madnesss”

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