Philip Fasciana Says Malevolent Creation Are “Trying To Write Some Extremely Heavy Songs” For Their New Album

During a recent interview with MetalBite, Malevolent Creation guitarist Philip Fasciana discussed the writing process for the band’s next album. According to him, the group are “only trying to write some extremely heavy songs that will come across great when played live.”

Fasciana said the following:

“I am currently writing new songs for the next MC album alongside our vocalist/ 2nd guitarist Deron Miller (ex-CKY) drummer Ronnie Parmer and bassist. We are getting together here in Florida soon to record demos of the new material and rehearse a new 30 song setlist of songs from all our albums. Many songs have not been played live in a long time or ever in some cases. We just have too many songs in the last 32 years.

He continued when asked if the record will contain any material that may surprise fans:

“Not too much, only trying to write some extremely heavy songs that will come across great when played live. Of course they are very fast with a few mid tempo arrangements to keep the music interesting. I’m sure there will be some changes when we all get together to arrange the new material and lyrics that are being done by Deron Miller. I am really looking forward to recording this new material with Deron and Ronnie because they are both great musicians and understand the MC sound. We all just want to put together some great songs and have some fun. It will be a big relief to get all this new material sorted out.”

He also added the following when asked if the group have an album title or song titles yet:

“No song titles as of yet or an album title yet because a lot of things will change while arranging the new songs musically and lyrically. They always do so I don’t want to announce any song titles I have until we all have agreed the songs are completely finished and will no longer change. The album title will most likely be announced first so we can make sure all the song titles fit alongside the album title.”

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