Wolfgang Van Halen Says Mammoth WVH’s New Album Will Have “Some Meshuggah-Inspired Songs”

During a 2022 interview TellUs Rock, Wolfgang Van Halen revealed that Meshuggah inspired some of the material on Mammoth WVH’s new album. He said the following about that when asked what kind of music he listens to:

“Meshuggah. I love Meshuggah. I tend to listen to, at least recently, more heavier music. Like all the new stuff that’s come out. Animals As Leaders had a new album come out this year, and so did Meshuggah. But Meshuggah is one of my favorite bands. [They’re] nothing like Mammoth. On the next album, there actually is some Meshuggah-inspired songs — just through the lens of Mammoth, though. So it’s not as super heavy.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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