Motörhead’s “Snaggletooth” To Appear In Iron Maiden’s “Legacy Of The Beast” Video Game

Iron Maiden have joined forces with Motörhead for a new collaboration inside their “Legacy Of The Beast” game. The week-long event will feature a “Born To Raise Hell” dungeon and Motörhead’s “Snaggletooth” mascot.

Further information was shared in a press release:

“Legacy of the Beast is very excited to partner with Motörhead’s iconic mascot Snaggletooth in the free-to-play game! This exciting collaboration has culminated in a new dungeon event called Born to Raise Hell, whose storyline is also inspired by the lyrics and albums of Motörhead.

The dungeon itself is set on the legendary Sunset Strip which has a long history of being a hub of rock music and nightlife. In the 1980s it was a popular destination for bands such Motörhead who played at clubs such as the Whisky a Go Go and the Rainbow Bar & Grill becoming a second home to their legendary frontman, Lemmy.

In this new week-long event, fans and players will journey into the neighborhood of Sunset Boulevard where gangs are running rampant and it’s a time of chaos. Syndicates are at war to gain power, influence, and profit. Snaggletooth teams up with Wasteland Eddie to take to the streets to clear out the roaming rival gang before they reach a level of organized crime. If they’re able to take down the gang’s leader, could it bring an end to the territorial dispute and rebuild the city?

Meet Snaggletooth Wednesday, March 15th, 2023 at 5 pm PT in ‘Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast’ mobile game during the Born to Raise Hell Event.”

Motörhead manager Todd Singerman commented:

“We are very excited to partner with Navigator Games and Legacy of the Beast to bring to life the Snaggletooth as a playable character in an environment inspired by the Hollywood strip and venues close to the band and Lemmy. There feels no more fitting place to battle baddies than outside the Rainbow!”

Will Moore, CEO of Navigator Games, added:

“It’s an honour to have one of the most original and iconic metal mascots in the form of Motorheads Snaggletooth joining Iron Maiden’s Eddie in Legacy of the Beast. Creating this character with Motorhead’s management has been a huge opportunity to pay our respects to Motorhead who many of us at Navigator Games have respected since we were teens first discovering metal”

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