Kittie’s Morgan Lander On The Possibility Of New Music: “It’s Definitely Something That Is On Our To-Do List”

During a recent interview with Audio Ink Radio, Kittie’s Morgan Lander discussed the possibility of new music from the band. According to her, “it’s definitely something that is on [their] to-do list”

Lander said the following about the group’s current plans:

“I think we have a lot of plans coming up. Not too much that I can share, but definitely more shows are in the works. I don’t think that it’s ever going to be something that we’ll be able to do full-time and tour nine months out of the year. It’s just not feasible and not even really cost-effective, to be honest with you, from that standpoint, as well. But, I think that we are going to make the band and music and shows a priority for the next few years, so that just means you’ll be seeing and hearing more of us.

We’ll see what sort of shakes. We’ve got some interesting things coming down the pipeline, so I think, without giving too much away, I feel like the next few years will be very interesting and very exciting for the band.”

She also added the following about new music:

“It’s definitely something that is on our to-do list. It’s something we’ve been really interested in… it’s definitely something we want to do when the timing is right, when the situation is right, and it’s all starting to come together and feel more right. I guess it’s the perfect time.”

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