Tommy Vext (Ex-Bad Wolves) Reportedly Ordered To Pay Ex-Girlfriend’s Legal Fees Following Past Domestic Violence Case

Back in 2020, Whitney Johns, the ex-girlfriend of Tommy Vext (ex-Bad Wolves), took legal action against the singer after accusing him of domestic violence. Now, according to a press release that was sent to Loudwire, Vext has been ordered to cover $97,500 worth of Johns’ legal fees.

Johns’ lawyer, Alphonse Provinziano, said the following:

“Under California law, a person who gets a domestic violence restraining order from a court is entitled to receive lawyer’s fees, except in cases where it is found to be frivolous or brought with an improper motive.

California law is clear that judges have the ability to order reasonable lawyers’ fees, so we are glad to see that affirmed in this case. This is an especially important ruling for small firms like ours.

The law allows people who receive domestic violence restraining orders to get their legal fees paid as a way of encouraging lawyers to take these kinds of cases. Attempts to delay or stop the payment of reasonable legal fees don’t just hurt law firms, they also undermine the intention of the law, which is that anyone who needs help should be able to get it.”

Vext was previously ordered to pay Johns‘ legal fees in June 2021, but he decided to appeal. However, that filing was ultimately rejected. This news comes after Vext previously claimed that he was exonerated.

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