Dave “Snake” Sabo Says Skid Row Have “Already Started Writing For The Next Record”

During an appearance on “The BlackSheep Podcast,” Skid Row’s Dave “Snake” Sabo revealed that the band are already writing material for their next album. According to him, the group currently have “four potential songs” in the works.

Sabo said the following:

“One of the great things about the way the band is now is that we’ve already started writing for the next record. I mean, there’s four potential songs for the next record already. And who knows whether they’ll make it or not. We’ve never done that before. So that’s kind of where everybody’s head is at. We’re really staying in the moment, but we’re also utilizing this newfound energy, shall I say, to be really creative and productive.

We always kind of went by write the record, record the record, tour, get off tour and get done with touring, write the record, record the record, tour. That’s been kind of the way that we’ve worked. But not this time. We’re actively writing. Erik [Grönwall] is a very creative guy. He’s a really good guitar player. So it really helps. We’re exchanging ideas back and forth again and writing during soundchecks and things like that. So it’s been nothing but positive.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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