Static-X Unveil Xer0’s New Cybernetic Costume

Static-X frontman Xer0, who is believed to be Dope’s Edsel Dope, will be debuting a new cybernetic look during the band’s upcoming tour. The updated costume was created in collaboration with Eddie Yang (“Avatar,” “Iron Man”).

Yang commented:

“I have always been a metal fan and have listened to Static-X since their first release Wisconsin Death Trip. I am honored to contribute to Wayne‘s legacy and to work with the band on their incredible vision for evolving Static-X and Xer0 into something that is truly unique. This project finally combined my passion for character design and metal music into one big check-off the bucket list!”

Xer0 continued:

“Eddie is a genius. We wanted to evolve the Xer0 character into a more cybernetic/robotic figure for the Rise Of The Machine Tour and Eddie absolutely fucking killed it!!!!!!!”

Bassist Tony Campos added:

“Eddie took the mask to a level that we never imagined possible, and we are so stoked with the result.”

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