Guns N’ Roses-Sponsored Car Involved In Multi-Car Wreck At Daytona 500

The NASCAR vehicle that Guns N’ Roses sponsored during the recent Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, FL ended up in a multi-car crash. As a result, its driver, Erik Jones (no. 43), was unable to finish the race.

Jones told the following:

“It looked like the 45 got turned around, but I couldn’t see how it happened or how it had happened, but regardless, we spun off there on the bottom trying to get around and then got hit, left side hard enough to take out the left rear and just kind of end our day. So, it is what it is. We went out, we were racing, we were doing all we could and, you know, we were just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Wish we could’ve been a little ahead of him.”

Frontman Axl Rose also commented via Twitter:

“The race was exciting!! 🏁🎉🏁☠️🏁

Congratulations to Ricky Stenhouse Jr! 🏆🏁

Erik Jones was doing great! Sucked he got taken out! 😫 Was great to b a part of such a huge n’ historic event! 👍😎 All the best to the Legacy Motor Club going forward!! 💪😎👊 Thank you and everyone at NASCAR for letting us be a part of your world!! 🙏👍🤘💪👊🏁😎🏁🤩🔥


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