Maynard James Keenan’s 8-Year-Old Daughter Shares New Music Video For Puscifer’s Reimagined Version Of “A Singularity”

Puscifer have shared another music video for Carina Round’s reimagining of “A Singularity.” The clip was created by Maynard James Keenan’s 8-year-old daughter Lei Li Keenan and it can be seen below. The track is from the band’s new remix album, “Existential Reckoning: Rewired,” which will be released on March 31. Lei Li commented:

“It’s hard to hear this song without feeling sad about losing [our dog] Miho. Maybe this beautiful video of the stuff we took at the aquarium will help us feel better about her being gone.”

Maynard added:

“I helped my daughter, Lei Li, edit this clip in iMovie. Not bad for an 8-year- old.”

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