Unto Others Release New EP “Strength II …Deep Cuts”

Unto Others have released a new EP titled “Strength II …Deep Cuts.” The effort features six tracks that were recorded during the band’s “Strength” sessions.

“Strength II …Deep Cuts” Track Listing:

01. “Sailing In The Darkness’
02. “The Fire Of Youth”
03. “Over Western Shores”
04. “Passion Rules The Game” (Scorpions cover)
05. “Change Of Heart” (Demo)
06. “When The Hammer Strikes’ (Demo)

Gabriel Franco commented:

“We wanted to do a double LP with ‘Strength’ back in 2021, considering we had like 25 demos when we first met up with Arthur [Rizk]. However, the label made us whittle it down to fit on a standard LP.

So we had to make the tough decision to cut a few songs we really liked. These were by no means ‘duds,’ in my opinion, they hold their weight with the rest of the songs on ‘Strength.’ We just had to make the most cohesive record we could. In the end, I think these songs will shine better this way, and I’m glad to finally have them out.”

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