ABKCO Films Release First Episode Of The Rolling Stones Mini-Documentary Series “Chronicles”

ABKCO Films have released the first episode of their new series “The Rolling Stones Chronicles.” The following was said about the clip:

“Set to The Rolling Stones’ 1965 hit single “The Last Time” (US #9; UK #1), Episode 1 explains the influence of early rock and roll and Chicago blues on the band, and the irony of the British Invasion being the selling of American culture back to its country of origin. Featuring footage of B.B. King, Little Richard and many other heroes of the Stones, as well as audio of Marshall Chess telling the story of meeting the Londoners and inviting them to record in Chicago, one of the highlights of  ’Episode 1 – The Last Time Is’ Keith Richards describing the day he met future musical partner Mick Jagger on a train holding classic-yet-still-obscure R&B and blues records. ‘What you’ve got under your arm is worth robbing,’ Richards gleefully remembers thinking.”

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