KISS Manager Doc McGhee Comments On Paul Stanley Lip-Sync Accusations: “He Fully Sings To Every Song”

During a recent interview with Syncin’ Stanley, KISS manager Doc McGhee commented on the lip-syncing allegations against Paul Stanley. According to him, the frontman “fully sings to every song.”

McGhee said the following:

“[Stanley] sings every track. So he sings to it. So he’s not lip syncing. He fully sings. It’s enhanced. It’s just part of the process to make sure that everybody hears the songs the way they should be sang to begin with. Nobody wants to hear people do stuff that’s not real, that’s not what they came to hear.”

He continued when asked if he is “actually saying there are backing tracks that [Paul is] singing to”:

“He’ll sing to tracks. It’s all part of a process. Because everybody wants to hear everybody sing. But he fully sings to every song.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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